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The PERFECT textbook for an introductory course in forensic science!

CRIME LAB: A Guide for Nonscientists, Second Edition
, has all of the coolness of the first edition, plus SEVENTY NEW photos and illustrations. You'll find even more scientific details about how evidence recovered from a crime scene is processed.

Completely updated to include the latest DNA technology!

Click on the cover to find out why libraries and colleges have  made this book a bestseller!

$39.95, 224 pages, Hardcover,  ISBN 978-0-9658286-4-2, Index, Biblio.



A SPECIAL SOMETHING for the quilter's husband by John Ryer. Both  humorous and educational, this guide to understanding quilts and quilters is sure to be a hit!

Click on the cover  to find out why quilt shops around the world have made this book a must-have gift for holidays, birthdays and Father's  Day! 

27pages,  Hardcover.  ISBN 0965828611   $15.95

This title has been replaced by the 2nd Ed.

This title has been replaced by the 2nd Edition

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You can still read the reviews for the first edition by clicking here.










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