The Criminalist

"The characters are very realistic and they are thrust into a world that feels so real that the reader seems to walk and live in it as well. Breathtaking, fast-paced, and solidly written." --Reader's Favorite (***** 5 Stars) 

“As I got to know the many characters in The Criminalist, I found myself connecting them to people I have known in crime labs, police departments and other parts of the criminal
justice system. I’m sure the real people I associated with a character had nothing to do with the character in the book, but he did a good job of capturing the essence of many people I have known and associated with during my career.”

—Greg Matheson, The CACNews

“I couldn't read John's novel fast
enough to keep up with all the
twists and turns leading toward
a pulse-pounding finish.”
—Raymond Davis, Author of the Dark Side of Justice series