Hardcover--ISBN: 978-9658286-1-1

Alaskan author John Ryer combines humor and  education for men who are married to quilters! Colorfully illustrated by Lesley  Cox, "A Husband’s Guide to Quilt  Appreciation " takes  the mystery out of quilt terms as it guides the man in a quilter’s life through  unfamiliar territory.

A  fat quarter is not an anatomical part!

Readers  will chuckle as they take a tongue-in-cheek quiz at the end to see what they’ve  learned, or they can practice some "Handy Quilt Comments!"


Spring, 2000 Sew What Works (Quarterly quilter’s  newsletter from Box 41, Fredonia, WI 53021)  "This enjoyable 21-page book will help husbands (or anyone else)  understand quilts, quilting, and especially quilters. The author provides  helpful information in a way that is easily understood by those who may be  more familiar with hand tools than needles and thread. For example, he  compares the structure of a quilt to the structure of veneer plywood, with the  quilt top as the bests quality veneer, the batting as the filler, the  backing as the lower quality veneer, and the quilting as the glue that holds it  all together.

Ryer also describes basic quilt blocks and explains the mystery of  their names. You know, the four patch has four squares, the nine patch has  nine, a log cabin looks like a log cabin, and a bear paw looks like a bear  paw. This may sound pretty simple, but for some of us the "looks like" aspect  needs a little explanation.

Ryer discusses fabric, fabric stores (which he says should be located  near sporting goods or hardware stores to increase a husband's interest in  going fabric shopping), and tools and notions. He also explains that if you  have fewer than two sewing machines in your house you should consider  yourself below average. The book includes handy comments such as, "I like your use of color,"  or "what a unique choice of fabric!"  Ryer suggests that one comment in  ten should be slightly critical to add to your credibility. The wise  husband, however, needs to be able to select the appropriate time to apply  this technique.

 The self-test at the end of the book didn't quite fit my situation. For example, I can't name my wife's favorite quilt store, because it  always seems to be the last one she visited. Her favorite color is the one she  is currently working on. And the one she dislikes also seems to be the  one she is currently working on. But overall the test does give you an idea  of how far you have come.

Ryer concludes with a helpful list of gift suggestions and the  reminder that the best gift of all is "your appreciation." I found that this book  helped me relate to the quilter in my house...I think you'll agree."

Seen on HGTV’s "Simply  Quilts"
Author  John Ryer and wife Julie are featured in an episode (rerun Nov. 26, 1999) on  Home & Garden Television's (HGTV) popular show, "Simply Quilts." This  channel is available on many satellite and cable systems worldwide. The show  includes an interview with John and concludes with a quick lesson by Julie on  how to make a snowball quilt. (The quilt pattern is not included in the  book.)